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Závěsné WC s povrchovou úpravou keramiky a zpomalovacím sedátkem a Quick release

Velikost: 36×56 cm

SLEVA: 45%

Cena: 5 888,- Kč


Závěsné WC s povrchovou úpravou keramiky, barva starwhite

Velikost: 37,5×56,5 cm

SLEVA: 45%

Cena: 9 113,- Kč

Visualization of bathrooms Kladno, near Prague

In our bathroom studio, which is located in Kladno near Prague, we are happy to create a wonderful and photorealistic visualization of your bathrooms, toilets, tiles or wellness center. We will help you with the layout and thanks to the visualization you will know exactly, how your future bathroom will look. In our studio, we use the latest professional 3D software and hardware. We dare say that you will be excited by our draft of your future bathroom as our customers before you. Bring or send us documentation and we are happy to prepare the graphic design of your bathroom, toilet and laying paving. On request, we will create more options of layout and colour options of selected rooms. If you have no idea about the style of your new bathrooms or color, design, tiling and plumbing, we will take you to our showroom and you will certainly find ideas that you will enjoy. With this selection, we will prepare visualization within the agreed timeframe. Visualizations are free in case you will order bathroom from our company. After approval of the final version of visualisation, we will prepare technical drawings for craftsmen and for tillers (on request). Required documentation for processing graphic design:
  • Copy of the construction drawings from the designer, platform and cut.
  • In the case of own measurement you should provide:
  • Overall room dimensions (length x width x height)
  • Door: width, height of the door (at least one corner)
  • Window: width, height, height of the sill, depth reveals the location of the window in the wall
  • Niche: width, height, height of the niche from the floor, depth of niche, placement of niche in the wall
  • Partitions: length, width, height, floor location
  • If you have an existing water distribution, drain must be measured by horizontal plane axis from the corner, or among themselves.
  • In the case of loft bathroom you will need to measure height of the backing (a), the room height (b) the width of the horizontal part of the roof (c), or if known roof slope and angle (d) see figure
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